Making-tatamiWe offer both a bespoke service for Japanese tatami mats and sell a variety of Chinese made mats from stock.

All our Japanese tatami are made by a small traditional mat maker in Japan which has been making tatami for three generations. All the tatami are made by hand to the highest possible standards and we have been proudly selling these mats in the UK and Europe for over 15 years.

Because our Tatami are usually made to order for a specific customer you can order the exact mat that suits your requirements and you can specify the following criteria

  • The size of the mat
  • The type of core and the thickness
  • The type of the top cover (omote)
  • Whether it is for underfloor heating or not

Our Chinese mats are made by a Taiwanese company. Prior to purchasing any mats we visited their factory in mainland China to satisfy ourselves that their products met the level of quality we would like to offer our European customers. It is an extremely well run company with high standards both for their staff and customer service. Our Chinese mats can be bought in our online shop.


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