Tatami top covers

Known as the Omote. the top cover of the mat is usually made from woven igusa grass and there are a wide variety of mats to choose from depending on the look required and the budget available.

There is a wide range of top mats which have more with the higher qulaity Omote having a higher quality grass and more internal threads. Visually the difference between the mats can be hard to perceive but for areas where there is likely to be high traffic the higher quality mats will give longer service.

There is also a range of paper tatatmi omote which come in a variety of different colours.



Coloured paper tatami

Paper tatami are available in a number of different weaves and in many different colours. They also have the advantage of being able to keep the same colour over an extended period

Tatami colours

A fresh tatami is usually light green and then with the passage of time and sunshine the mat will change to a more barley colour.

Fine Vs course weave

The vast majority of mats sold in Japan have the wider more open weave of the left hand sample with the fine weave style of mat shown on the right hand side. The fine weave is more often used when there is no border.


Paper Vs woven grass

The photo shows a paper omote on the left against a grass omote. paper can be made in a huge variety of colours but it does not have the fragrance associated with natural Igusa grass